domenica 19 ottobre 2014

Noble Phantasm

Hat h&m - Choker Taobao - Dress Ghost of Harlem - Cardigan Sammydress - Tights Tally Wejil - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Simple outfit I wore some days ago to go to a friend's birthday, I'm totally into cozy coords 'cause weather is still warm here in Italy and I haven't got the energy to create something more layered ahah! I started watching the new edition of Fate Stay Night, anyone saw the first two episodes? I'm totally addicted to it again and again, it makes me want to cosplay Saber once more!

giovedì 16 ottobre 2014

Review: Eos Blytheye Violet

Hi dears!
Today I have a new review for Uniqso to share with you! I choose two new circle lens pairs and some wigs, you'll see in this post the first circle lens and my favorite model all the time, Eos Blytheye Violet also know as Eos New Adult. I tried different colors from this series and I'm really happy to have them finally in violet too!

Base Curve     8.6mm
Color Tones     2 Tones
Diameter     14.8mm
Processing Time     2-3 working days
Replacement Period     12 months
Water Content     38%

The design is simple and perfect to fit different uses, I think it's the perfect pair of lenses both for cosplay or j-fashions outfits (and also special themed makeup, for example Halloween ones). The color is a vibrant violet that covers really well my brown eyes, I saw some pics of people with light eyes and they look great on them too! I wore them as usual a lot of hourse without problems, they're really comfy! They come with prescription as well.

Color ★★★★★ amazing and vivid color that covers really well dark eyes
Design ★★★★☆ nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★★☆ great enlargement effect
Comfort ★★★★★ really comfy

- great design and color
- perfect for cosplay, special makeups and j-fashion outfits
- nice enlargement effect
- really comfy

- non apt for a daily look

Check here for their current promotions!